Nutrisystem Starter Kit Day 1 – Morning Snack and Lunch

Nutrisystem Starter Kit – Day 1 Morning Snack and Lunch

For my snack at 10:30 I had the “equate Ultra Weight Loss Shake Creamy Milk Chocolate” from Walmart. I have had these in the past so I know what to expect with their taste and everything. I actually like them. I think they taste good. They are satisfying for the purpose of a snack. I have tried to use them as meal replacements in past diets and they just weren’t satisfying.

At 12:30 I had my lunch. Day 1 Lunch is a Fudge Graham Bar. It is fairly tasty. At first it seemed to have a little bit different taste then just chocolate so I checked out the ingredients. Carmel is one of the ingredients. Even though it isn’t identified as a “Fudge Carmel bar” or something similar to that…I could really taste the Carmel. The texture is just like eating a chocolate covered graham bar or granola bar. You can tell that it isn’t your typical snack bar that you would serve to your kids. To me it tastes “diety”. Though it is good and edible it is not something I could see myself pigging out on. I could eat one and call it good. The bar is normal size to regular non-diet bars. The chocolate is good. The bar is not hard to bite into and is easily chewed. I would give this bar a 3.5 out of 5. So far the muffin I had for breakfast is WAY better taste wise. I did my best to take small bites and place the bar down for a minute or two. Since I was looking to savor the taste I managed to eat the bar completely within 5 minutes or so. I made sure to take large drinks of water in between each bite so that I would feel full quicker.

You are also supposed to eat 2 servings of vegetables of your own finding with this bar and the other lunch items. I plan to do as instructed but today I don’t have access to the vegetables so I won’t be completing that part of lunch today. I highly recommend that you plan ahead better than I did and have the vegetables and fruits that are recommended with the lunch and dinner meals! Depending on what I choose for veggies the calorie intake might go up quite a bit. Though I have a bit of lettuce and broccoli leaves available in my garden so that is what I will probably use for dinner tonight and over the weekend.

I will blog tonight and give my review on tonight’s dinner!



Fudge Graham Bar Day 1 Lunch


Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

What the bar looks like

What the bar looks like

Walmart equate Weight Loss Shake (comparable to Slim Fast)

Walmart equate Weight Loss Shake (comparable to Slim Fast)


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