New Product Monday ~Hydroxycut Drops~

I am always interested in trying new products. Usually it’s just me finding something “new and exciting” on a shelf at Walmart with a reasonable price. I think to myself “Now if this works…I’ll come back and buy 10 more!”.

This weekend I decided I wanted to try another round of the HcG Drop diet that this blog was originally dedicated too. I had bought my drops at Walmart, and since I haven’t seen the brand I used anywhere else…I immediately headed out to my local Walmart.

Guess what? They were no where to be found. Maybe I just had bad timing, but there weren’t ANY brands of drops. I mean sure I could order them on the website…but by the time I receive them in the mail most likely my motivation will have disbanded. So instead I decided to browse my other options.

An end cap with an over abundance of Keytone Raspberry and Garcinia Cambogia pills. Holy wow! They are really expecting to sell a lot of these! Looks like a great deal…2 bottles in 1 pack. **reading directions** uh…4 pills per serving…if my memory serves me right from yesterdays visit it was somewhere between 2-4 servings a day. Add that up….that’s a lot of pills! No wonder they have some many on a shelf!

Maybe it’s just that brand because I’ve seen some good star rating reviews on Garcinia Cambogia…but taking that many pills in one day is not likely to happen for me.

Moving on. I look around some more. Tons of different gummies. Which is yummy. But they can be expensive. If they ever come out with a bottle that has a 200 count I will be all over it! 😉

Lots of pills, drink drops, gummies, drink powder…what should I choose. Well I did end up choosing. This time my decision was a mix of brand name, cost, servings, and not anything I’ve tried before. I chose…

Hydroxycut Drops

Hydroxycut Drops Under $7 at Walmart

Hydroxycut Drops Under $7 at Walmart

With tax they came out to about $7 here at a Walmart in Northwest Washington. I almost was gong to buy 2 because there are only 14 servings in a bottle…BUT I started to think smart and realized I should make sure they actually taste good, and most of all WORK! Since this isn’t a product I set out to get I didn’t do my homework first. So this is just a “if it works it works, if it doesn’t  it doesn’t” kind of scenario.

The bottle reads on the side:

“Average weight loss with key ingredient (green coffee) was 10.95 lbs. In a 60-day study with a low-calorie diet, and 3.7 lbs in a separate 8-week study with a calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise.”

With my experience with Hydroxycut products that seems to be the general outcome of all their product studies. We will see what happens…

What I will need to do to get the best results…

Drink lots of water! 2 of my bottles of water will have the drops added to it. 1 in the morning and 1 in the early afternoon. Since last night I have drank 2 bottles of water with the drops and I will have to say VERY YUMMY! They are fruit punch flavored…and even with a light squeeze the flavor is “full”.

1 serving is 2/3 teaspoon. I suppose you could take the time to measure that out, but I just give it my best judgment. A light, split second quick squeeze does the trick.

I don’t plan to start eating salads constantly…but any weight loss supplement will typically only work if you are eating right. Dont’ ever think that you can take pills or anything like that and still loose a significant amount of weight compared to if you ate right. And if you can, and you have…then damn I want to be you!

I also walk at about 2.5-3mph speed for 40 minutes a day, 5 days a week while at work. I also do 100-200 squats a day on my total gym. And occasionally…and I mean occasionally I will hop on my ab lounger and do 100-150 crunches. I hate crunches! This is why I don’t complain about my belly to much because I am well aware I don’t put much effort into eliminating it! No bikini’s for me anytime soon!

Anyways so all I will be doing from Today (6/30/2014) to Sunday (7/6/2014) is:

1.) Drink 2 servings of Hydroxycut Drops a day for 7 days. Once in the morning, and Once in the afternoon.

2.) Drink half my body weight (in ounces) of water. I usually try to do between 85-100 ounces no matter what. Water is good for you. Helps your skin, keeps you hydrated, and flushes out your fat cells. Seriously! Look it up!

3.) Eat normal, but no fast food, cupcakes :(, brownies 😦 :(, or soda!

Stay tuned for updates!

~Stefanie K

UPDATE: 7/7/2014
So I used the Hydroxycut Drops, twice a day, for 7 days. No diet plan comes in the box, just the bottle of drops and brief instructions on the label. I didn’t change much of what I ate, but did drink 4 16.9 oz bottles of water every day accept Saturday and Sunday where I just drink a couple glasses. I tend to drink less on the days I am not at work for some reason…

I lost 2.4 lbs. This isn’t enough to say the product makes you lose weight. I generally fluctuate that much on a daily basis. However, if you have about $28 and can commit to 1 month at least, I recommend trying this out for a 30 day plan to see if it has great results.

My review is: The product tastes great! It isn’t too expensive, but only has enough for 1 week per bottle. It’s easy and on the go! It gave me a noticeable boost in energy. I didn’t get sick or headaches with this product.


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