Update 6/26/2013 It Works! Body Wraps and HCG Drops Diet

I have promised updates and haven’t followed through. I apologize to all! I have been working on other things in life like my kids and going to school all while working full time. Since I have a bit of time this moment and as requested here is my update:

I have used 2 boxes of It Works! Wraps since April. I generally followed the directions 100% but I can admit that I may have not CONSTANTLY drank water like my sales rep suggested. According to my own measurements I have lost 6 inches in my waist and 10 inches around my belly button and the same for hips/lower stomach. My waist is at 36 1/2 inches and my stomach is at 41. Where as before my stomach was in the 50’s. Before doing the HCG Drops my measurements were Hips-51″ and Waist 42″

When I look in the mirror I still see the same “overweight” woman. But I think that is because my self-esteem is still f’d up. It is going to be a long road to get passed that. The only way I can really tell is from photographs, smaller pants sizes, and measurements. But there definately is a difference from before the wraps and after the wraps.

The wraps pulled up my “mothers apron” quite a bit. Sorry for the “graphic” picture this may cause but I can now see my full pelvis and pubic hairs. Before the wraps my mother’s apron hung down so low I could not see that area of my body unless I pulled it up. That is how much extra skin and fat I had on my stomach.

My muffin top has gone down A LOT!! I still have about an inch that sticks up over my pants but that is a huge decrease from about 4 inches that hung over previously. I have always worn baggy hooded sweatshirts to hide this from the public. Each and every one of my pants caused me to have an over flowing muffin top. Now I am a little less self-concious but I still continue to wear the sweatshirts even in 80+ degree weather. They are like a security blanket for me. I don’t know how I will manage when I finally do get skinny.

Anyways…the wraps also made my skin “softer” in the area of my stomach that I used it on. The wraps claim to decrease the site of my stretch marks and celulite. I suppose that is true…they are a lot lighter. But of course are still there!

In order to acheive the max results you NEED to drink at least half your body weight in ounces from the moment you put the wrap on till 72 hours later. If you neglect to drink water than you wont have the best results, possibly none at all.

I am now able to fit comfortably into size 14 jeans. I also have a pair of 12’s that I was able to button and zip up but they still a little tight on the hips. So I am sticking with the size 14’s for now. I officially threw out my 16-22’s a few months ago.

The best product for It Works! is really the defining gel in my opinion. It helps firm the area that I apply it to and tightens up the lose skin with continuous use. It is just as expensive as the wraps at about $49 for a large tube (if you are a loyal customer).  I read that the ingredients are the same as the wrap so perhaps that is why it is so affective. I have even heard of people that use only the defining gel.

So I think I am going to use just the defining gel for July. After 8 wraps I didn’t lose as many inches as I have seen other people post pictures of but honestly that could be because of my lack of commitment to a suitable diet. I have been focusing more on just not gaining the weight back that I lost during the HCG Drops 1st round.

As far as I know It Works! doesn’t have a specific diet plan for you to follow. And if they do my sales rep has not shared that information with me. I also do not see anything about it on their website. My sales rep however did tell me to follow a generic diet plan. You know…more veggies and fruits, and little to no sugar like chocolate or ice cream.

Right now I am just following the HCG plan by eating small portions of protein, veggies, and fruit during the day with occasional regular dinners like spaghetti but in small portions. The HCG Drops really prepped me to handle eating smaller portions so for me it hasn’t been to hard. The only thing that has been difficult is staying away from chocolate. At home we have a closet full of full size kit kat’s that we got through my phase of “extreem couponing”. We have enough kit kats for a few months and knowning they are there has been difficult to ignore. This week alone I have probably eaten about 4 of them. So right there would be a good reason I am not moving forward with inch loss.

I am currently 9 lbs. away from being at 199. If I can get the will power to ignore the kit kats than I should be able to report an “Under 200” success!

Any questions from anyone I will be happy to respond quickly. I get blog alerts to my phone so I can reply through the wordpress app on my phone.

Thanks for reading!


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